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The knights templar appeared in the twelfth century at the time of the crusades, and their official role was to protect pilgrims travelling to the Holy Land (modern day Israel) and the city of Jerusalem, from the then enemy of Christianity namely members of the Muslim faith.

Many researchers however have suggested that this official 'role' was merely a front for their real mission that centred around excavations under the temple mount, the site of the former temple of Solomon. It is believed that the knights templar excavated on the site and found treasures, relics, manuscripts and architectural knowledge that eventually made them exctremally rich and powerful. It is also believed that the first grand master, Hugh de Payens allied with the 'assassins', an Islamic band of killers who used to smoke hashish before embarking on their assassination missions.

It is further suggested that the architectural knowledge they discovered included the detailed plans for the construction of the temple of Solomon. It is worthy of note that the Bible only contains a rough description of the dimensions of the temple, and it is possible that the knights templar discovered the detailed plans and dimensions, enabling them to reconstruct the temple.

On the point of Solomon's temple, a masonic lodge has two pillars, named Jachin and Boaz, a copy of the two pillars in the temple of Solomon. The north section of a lodge, is said to represent a place of darkness or evil, and yet biblical references do not back this point up, and indeed the north is often referred to as the throne of God, and, or a holy place (Psalm 48:2, Ezek’ 8:14, Ezek’ 40:46, 44:4, 46:19).

Note, we are not introducing biblical references as 'Christians', but merely using the Bible to cross check masonic practice, which should have its basis in the Bible, considering that Solomon and his temple are taken from the Bible.

Later on in this site, we will be considering evidence that masons worship lucifer, the anti Christ, and it may be the case that in making the northern section of a lodge, a 'place of evil', masons are essentially reversing the teachings of the Bible and Christianity, in the same way that Hitler reversed the symbol of the swastika, turning it from a positive to a negative and malevolent force, and a symbol of evil. The same occurs when satanists invert the symbol of the pentagram, using its inversion to conjure negative and evil forces.

As already mentioned, the focus on the old solomnic temple was a reversion to the times before Christ when blood sacrifice was necessary to appease and approach God. Again, it is clear that such a need is abolished in the new religion (Christianity), where a person’s sins are atoned for by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the final lamb of God. There is no further need for the physical temple, since through the purification provided by the blood of Jesus, God’s spirit can enter a person’s body, as opposed to residing in the temple’s ‘holy of holies’ (a physical ‘inner’ section of the physical temple).

This is the basis for the sound allegation against masons and templar’s, namely that their creed is a grand and deadly deception.

The Christian religion was supposed to form the foundation and raison d'etre of the knights templar who were the precursors of masonry.

'So what?' You could say. If the templars wanted to revert back to an earlier belief system, it’s up to them.

There's a problem though. The templar’s were essentially the military arm of the Roman Catholic Church, and were supposed to be Christians, i.e. converts of the new faith. It appears that this was merely a front for their real mission, to forget about and undermine the new religion, and revert back to the old religion based on blood sacrifice and war. To say this openly however would not have brought them the riches they wanted, and so they deceived the public and the church, with an outward allegiance to the new religion, and an inward, real allegiance to the old b.c religion based on blood sacrifice.

These deceptive and crafty traits also appear to have been passed on to the masons, who are nothing less than cells of self advancement and corruption in our opinion, undermining the basis of any democratic system, where decisions are not taken in full view of the public, but in private gatherings, using secret signs and words. There is no accountability to the electorate, and their rituals also engender disdain toward the 'profane' outsiders, i.e. the general public.

Note also that the stonemason guilds never used the sadistic, torturous oaths uttered today. These are not rooted in ancient Egypt and the distance past either as masons would have you believe, but were added in the eighteenth century by masons who wanted the populace living in a perpetual state of fear and terror. Masonry at that point became a terrorist organisation in our opinion, i.e. the knights templar under a different name aka ‘speculative freemasonry’.

The knights templar grew immensely rich and powerful during the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, and introduced the first banking system, upon which the modern day system is based. It is also claimed that at their core, they indulged in demonology and satan worship, and incorporated homosexual acts into their rituals and ceremonies. The knights templar completely rejected the teachings of Jesus the Christ, and advocated an alternative religion that scorned being 'saved by grace'. Masonry teaches that man may enter the afterworld based on his own efforts to perfect his life, which is likened to a square building or a cube of stone.

Researchers have also alleged that during their ceremonies they would spit on, trample on and urinate on the Christian cross. They were also said to worship 'baphomet', or the goat of mendes, essentially satan incarnate. Incidentally, the sign of baphomet, often used by high ranking politicians, is to make a horned figure with the hand, using the little finger and the index finger.

Based on these allegations, and alarmed by their massive wealth, King Philip of France ordered a purge of the knights templar, and their head, Jaques de Molay was burnt to death on Friday the 13th of October 1307. This is the origin of today's superstitious belief that any Friday the 13th is unlucky and a bad portent.

Some of the templar’s fled France, and based themselves in Scotland as mentioned alongside the St Clair family, and it is believed that they were responsible for the building of Rosslyn Chapel, which is more masonic temple than Christian chapel. Indeed Rosslyn is said to be an exact one third copy of Herod's temple. It is also suggested that other templars fled to modern day Switzerland, which might explain the emphasis that this country has with banking and especially private, secret banking that has allowed very rich individuals and countries to abuse international law. The fact that Switzerland has avoided war and conflict is consistent with this theory as the knight templar’s military raison d’etre had disappeared with the fall of the kingdom of Jerusalem in 1291. Recall that the whole point of the knights templar was supposed to be the protection of the holy land from Muslims.

From there, it is also believed (again, as already mentioned) that they integrated into early freemasonry, and strongly influenced the development of masonry into its current ‘speculative’ and satanic form.

Comparing knights templar initiations to masonic initiations, consider the following extract from pages 67-68 of the book, 'Masonry: Beyond The Light', by former mason, William Schnoebelen.

'The high point of the knights templar initiation is when the candidate is brought before a large, triangular table covered in black velvet illuminated by candles and containing eleven silver goblets and a human skull enthroned on the Bible. (Skulls figure prominently throughout this initiation).

This is intended to be the Last Supper. It seems but a grim mockery though. The visual effect is more satanic than Christian, especially to one accustomed to the Table of the Lord in churches. However, the ambiance is the least of the problems.

The candidate is asked to partake of five libations (toasts). The first three libations are given, respectively to the memory of masonic heroes King Solomon, Hiram, King of Tyre, and Hiram Abiff. The fourth libation is to the memory of Simon of Cyrene, and the fifth is the most sinister of all.

The candidate is never told to whom the fifth libation is drunk (it is 'sealed'), and it is offered to him in a human skull..'

It would appear that in comparing the knights templar initiations to elements of masonic initiations, especially at the higher levels of the Scottish rite, that the two are very similar, and that masonry was ultimately taken over by survivors of the 1307 purge.

Another interesting and worrying trait of the templar degrees, is their belief that a human life should be one of pilgrimage and warfare.

When masons are initiated, a light forms part of the ritual, and appears in the East. It is probably assumed by the initiate that the 'light' is a light of 'good', whether Christian or otherwise. Indeed it could be assumed, that it refers to the star that lead the magi to the birth of Jesus, the Christ, especially considering that the central book often placed at the centre of the lodge in western lodges is the Bible. Not so apparently.

An extract from, 'Morals and Dogma' (P819), the authoritative text for masons, the definitive masonic handbook, states, 'The first three degrees are the degrees of the outer court or portico of the temple (of Solomon), and the initiate is intentionally misled by the rituals, and the true meaning is reserved for the 'adepts', the 'princes' of masonry.'

It appears in the later degrees, that the 'light' or star, is the 'light' of lucifer, lucifer being the angel who challenged the authority of God, and ultimately became satan, the devil, when he was cast out of heaven. He is the 'dragon', referred to in the book of Revelation.

If there is any doubt about whether masons ultimately worship lucifer and satan, consider the following extracts:

 'The masonic religion should be maintained in the purity of the luciferian doctrine.' This knowledge is reserved for the 30th degree and upwards. Pike refers to Adonay (the God of the Bible) as 'cruel and a hater of man.' He goes on to say, 'Yes, lucifer is God, and unfortunately Adonay is also God.'

On mastering the craft. 'When the mason learns the key to the warrior on the block is the proper application of the dynamo of living power, he has learned the mystery of his craft. The seething energies of lucifer are in his hands, and before he may step onward and upward, he must prove his ability to properly apply energy. He must follow in the footsteps of his forefather, Tubal Cain.' (Manley Palmer Hall, 'The Lost Keys of Freemasonry').

'The True name of Satan.. is that of Yahveh, reversed; for Satan is not a black god, but the negation of God. The Devil is the personification of Atheism or Idolatry. Satan .. this is not a person, but a force, created for good, but which may serve as evil' (p. 102 of 'Morals and Dogma').

'The Secret teaching of all Ages', Manly Palmer Hall (33rd degree mason). 'I hereby promise the great spirit Lucifuge, that each year I will bring unto him a human soul.., and in return Lucifuge promises to bestow on me the treasures of the earth..'

'Lucifer, the light bringer. Is it he who bears the light? Doubt it not!' Albert Pike ('Morals and Dogma' p321).

The god of masonry is lucifer, satan, the fallen angel of the bible.

And he goes on. 'The devil is the personification of atheism or idolatry. For the initiates, this is not a person but a force; it is the instrument of liberty or free will.'

'They represent this force, which presides over the physical generation, under the mythological and horned form of the god Pan; thence came the he goat of the Sabbat, brother of the ancient serpent.’ (P 102). The 'he goat' is the goat of mendes, the demon baphomet.

'Morals and Dogma' was written by Albert Pike. Pike, whose book is only for high ranking masons, and not the rank and file (first three degrees), also confirms that masonry is simply an extension of the banned order of the knights templar in a different form.

The above quotes clearly prove that masons are worshippers of lucifer. This is a hidden secret that is revealed to those of the higher degrees of masonry.

This would place masonry as an enemy of Christianity, and the Christian religion. William T. Still quotes a French masonic author Le Couteulx de Canteleu, who wrote 'Les Sectes et Societies Secretes', in 1863. This book explains the aim of secret societies. 'As a whole (it) was, is and will always be the struggle against the Church and the Christian religion, and the struggle of those who have not against those who have.. (p. 98).'

Quoting from William Still's book, another French writer Vicomte Leon de Poncins, explained that the aim of masonry is to pervert the Christian nature of Western civilisation into a masonic 'religion' he called 'atheist rationalism.'

According to de Poncins, the destruction of Christianity is 'indispensable' to masonry in order to establish this 'new political and social city.. in its place. .. the deeper meaning of the struggle is religious. It is a conflict between God and man lead by reason alone (p. 98).'

Freemasons also believe they are descended from the original Phoenician stonemasons who built Solomon's Temple in the eighth century b.c. Although they frequently cloak themselves in Christianity, their occult belief is a form of the Gnostic heresy bitterly opposed by true Christians since ancient times.

Manly P. Hall in 'What the Ancient Wisdom Expects of Its Disciples', points out that secret organisations were always the power behind the thrones. He writes: '.. the ancient initiates (whom the masons link themselves to) .. are the invisible powers behind the thrones of earth, and men are but marionettes, dancing while the invisible ones pull the strings. We see the dancer, but the master mind that does the work remains concealed by the cloak of silence.'

This would also confirm masonry as a classic secret society, and indeed, Webster's New World Dictionary defines 'Freemason' as 'n. a member of an international secret society..'

Masonry qualifies on all counts as a religion, using dictionary definitions. Albert Pike, wrote, 'Every masonic Lodge is a Temple of Religion; and its teachings are instruction in religion.' (Morals and Dogma, p 213)

It is essentially the worship of satan, although most members will not realise this, and based on the above extracts, it would appear that masons are ultimately satan worshippers who appear to condone human sacrifice as a means of gaining wealth and power.

The Hegelian philosophy that is said to underpin masonry is to create chaos that causes so much pain, suffering and death, that a new world order is demanded by the people, and created by masons based on the doctrine of lucifer.

Exactly what is being carried out in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya etc, you could say by America, Britain and NATO etc, and certainly what was carried out during the first and second world wars.

What essentially happens is that high ranking masons, decide on a blueprint for a particular geographical region, such as the Middle East, and work out a way of bringing their plan about.

It invariably involves lying to the electorate, creating mass chaos out of which is offered their 'solution' of centralised government, headed by themselves, whereby they retain ultimate power and the lion’s share of the wealth. If they succeed, they would create a literal hell on earth. It would be a global police state of totalitarian control.

It is also postulated by many that the security services were at the heart of the 9/11 atrocities and wanted the attacks to justify a ‘war on terror’ to realise their vision for the Middle East.

Needless to say it will revolve around turning the region masonic, controlling the mineral reserves, especially oil and ensuring that anyone in power is a masonic puppet.

It is likely that George Bush junior is a mason, although whether he is a mason of the ten degrees of the York Rite, or the thirty three degrees of the Scottish rite is not clear.

It is likely also that his Father George Bush senior, former head of the CIA and grandfather Prescott Bush who financed Hitler through the Harriman company are, or were masons. It is a fact (reported in the general media) that George Bush junior (along with his father, grandfather, etc, etc) is a member of the skull and bones society, otherwise known as the 'brotherhood of death'.

The skull and bones society meets inside the 'tomb' at Yale university, where initiates (men and women) known as 'bonesmen' indulge in sexual and satanic activities, such as dressing up as the devil, and lying naked in a coffin, masturbating, while shouting out their sexual fantasies to other members of the society.

There is video evidence of these 'initiations' incidentally. Their alleged stated aims are nothing less than world domination, using war, terror and famine to control the human population, and there are around nine hundred 'bonesmen' throughout the world, occupying high level positions of power.

Members steal artefacts, which are then placed inside the 'tomb', a windowless building on the campus of the Ivy league college of Yale university.

Artefacts in the tomb, kept in glass display cabinets in a 'museum', include the human skull of the Apache Indian chief Geronimo, taken when his grave was desecrated by George Bush's grandfather, Prescott Bush.

Other artefacts include human skeletons and other human skulls, robbed from desecrated graves, and items ('tableware') that belonged to the German nazi party. You really have to start to take the allegations seriously, that these 'bonesmen' and other 'illuminati' like people are planning a global fascist state, taking over where Hitler failed or left off.

On the nazi theme, it is also interesting to note the large number of German nazi scientists that were invited to work in America through ‘project paperclip’ in the immediate aftermath of the second world war. The modern day NASA programme essentially has its roots in German nazi scientists.

A photo of a meeting between Gorbachev and Reagan, reveals their handshake across the table,as the 'strong grip' or 'lions claw' of the master mason degree. Their hands are clasped and the thumbs interlink.

It is also alleged that the Bavarian Illuminati (created in 1776), which was later banned from Southern Germany in the same century, was the forerunner to these elitist 'clubs' such as the 'skull and bones', and the aims of the Illuminati are or were nothing less than total control and domination by an elite few through a world fascist state.

It is also a fact based on video evidence that each summer groups of powerful people such as politicians, industrialists and entertainers, meet in California at a place called Bohemia Grove, where they dress in red and black (colours representing war) ceremonial, klu klux clan (the klu klux clan were formed by masons) like, hooded robes and pay homage to a huge figure of an owl, that is said to represent the demon god moloch.

Moloch or molech was an ancient fire god of Canaan, which the Israelites were banned from worshipping. It is believed that followers had to give their children to this demon god by burning them to death in a fire. This all takes place after twelve o' clock, midnight (the 'witching' hour).

Again there is video footage of these claims. An American source who spent time at these summer gatherings when working for the American government, claims that people are sacrificed in the woods during these rituals.

It is hugely ironic and extremely disconcerting that based on the evidence of these secret societies, there appears to be a stated aim of a dictatorship type police state not that dissimilar from the nazi third reich.

Is that what these secret societies are about? A nazi style dictatorship in the form of a private government out of sight of the public eye and the electorate? While overt fascist dictators such as Hitler have been deposed, it is more difficult to depose masonic nazi like leaders who use more subtle and covert means to further their fascist agenda.

The higher degrees of the Scottish rite are the twenty nine degrees above the blue degrees, and are divided into four bodies: 'Lodge of perfection', 'Chapter of the Rose Croix,' the 'Council of kadosh' and the 'Consistory.' These degrees are not memorised like the first degrees, but 'exemplified' in dramas, which the mason watches. If the degree is simply explained and not dramatised, it is said to be 'communicated.'

When a mason completes the thirty second degree, he is anointed with oil, and a man says, 'I anoint thee a priest and a prophet, and a sublime prince of the royal secret.'

Each person is also presented with the Scottish rite ring and a copy of Albert Pike's book, 'Morals and Dogma.' He is told it is the sourcebook of freemasonry and its meaning.

Upon the mason's death, arrangements should be made to return the book to the Scottish rite. We discuss this book at length in a further chapter. Albert Pike is the author of the Scottish rite higher degrees, and each one requires a blood oath.

Higher level masons are also given the opportunity to join the 'shriners'. The Shrine is the 'ancient Arabic order, nobles of the mystic shrine.'

Distasteful games called 'hazing' accompany initiations, and often involve heavy drinking. In fact many of the masonic and associated gatherings involve heavy drinking.

One ex thirty third degree mason describes these games. 'At one point we were placed in a large mesh cage, and one of the shriners climbed on top of it. He exposed a very convincing rubber penis which was connected to a concealed water bag, and hosed down all of us to the delighted howls of the onlookers.'

The rituals also contain bloody consequences should their secrets be exposed, such as having, 'eyeballs pierced to the centre with a sharp, three edged blade.'

Before a mason can be considered for the thirty third degree, he must have been a 'knight commander of the court of honour' for at least four years.

Jim Shaw, who was given this degree before resigning from the masons, had to go to Washington d.c. where the ritual was held. This took place at the House of the temple on Northwest 16th Street, and when he arrived he was informed that he had to give a minimum donation before taking the degree, and this was for a 'very large' but unspecified amount of money. Further evidence that masonry is just an elaborate pyramid scam.

An odd part of the questioning for the thirty third degree provides yet more proof of the satanic nature of masonry. Jim Shaw was asked, 'of what religion are you?' He replied, 'a Christian.' Another person there for the same degree was asked whether he was a Christian, and he replied, 'hell no, and I never intend to be!'

The questioners responded that he would be 'going higher', and he left through a different door. Masons do not like Christianity. It undermines everything they stand for, which is fear based control, murder, torture, terrorism and political ‘oil’  / economic wars.

The thirty second degree uses an upside down human skull with wine in it, and the following oath is said. 'May this wine I now drink become a deadly poison to me as the hemlock juice drunk by Socrates, should I ever knowingly or wilfully violate the same.'

A mason dressed as a skeleton then jumps out of the darkness and throws his arms around the candidate.

The oath continues, 'And may these cold arms forever encircle me should I ever knowingly or wilfully violate the same.'

The sovereign grand commander closes the meeting with the 'mystic number', by striking with his sword five, three, one and two times.

The ex mason lists the people taking the degree: A Scandinavian king, two former presidents of America, an internationally prominent evangelist, two other prominent clergymen and a very high official of the federal government. The title of the degree is, 'grand inspector general’.

The presence of the religious men is interesting, and it shows what a sham and scam born again Christianity can become, when millions of vulnerable people are lured into the church, pressured into giving money to 'God,' which ends up in the pockets of the born again leaders who live a life of luxury.

What happened to feeding the poor, and giving everything away to follow Jesus? Many of these 'leaders' are nothing but charlatans, who deceive, cheat and lie in typical masonic fashion.

The ex mason also describes a ceremony called 'Maundy Thursday,' the Thursday before Easter.

'Dressed in long, black, hooded robes, we marched in single file with only our faces partly showing. There was something very tomb like about the setting, and the silence was only broken by the organ playing mournfully in the background. The setting was dark, our long sweeping robes were solid black, our faces nearly concealed in the hoods and the mood was one of heavy gloom.

The Christ less prayers and the hymns we sang fitted right in, and the one word that would describe the entire event would be black. It was indeed a black communion; a strange black mass.. I was choking on the awful reality of what we had said and done, the way we had blasphemed the Lord, and the evil, black mockery we had made of his pure and selfless death.'

Re' the title, 'The ancient and accepted Scottish rite of freemasonry,' the ex mason says, 'It isn't ancient, it isn't Scottish, it isn't free and it isn't right.'

Once a person becomes a mason, they are a mason for life and the oaths are deemed unbreakable. Considering that masons believe in reincarnation, the oaths could also be said to extend into future lives.

Masons will lie to protect the 'secrets' of the lodge, including those of fellow masons it appears. They will conceal crimes if necessary, since secrecy is the essence of masonry.

'Secrecy is indispensable in a mason of whatever degree.' (Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma, p109, 4th degree). '.. If divested of its secret character, it would lose its identity and would cease to be freemasonry.. death of the order would follow its legalised exposure. Freemasonry, as a secret association has lived unchanged for centuries.' (Albert Mackey, 'Textbook of masonic jurisprudence').

Masonry is a deceptive instrument; a promise that never delivers. ' is one of the most abstruse doctrines of the science of masonic symbolism that the mason is ever to be in search of truth, but is never to find it.' (Albert Mackey, 'Manual of the lodge'). 'You have reached the mountain peak of masonic instruction, a peak covered with mist...' (Lecture of the 32nd degree, Scottish rite).

A stated aim of masonry is to gain more and more light as you advance higher in the degrees. It is the ultimate irony that at the very pinnacle of the order, when the mason having paid all that money and given so much of his time, cannot see ‘the light’ in all its blazing glory, due to bad weather conditions on top of the mountain!

Masonry is only for the elite few. Women (excluded from all male lodges), black people and disabled people are all excluded.  The poor are excluded because of the fees due, and the disabled can't see or hear the signs and symbols.

Note, women can join masonry through women only lodges, such as the Order of the Eastern Star, the Order of the Amaranth, the White Shrine of Jerusalem, the Social Order of Beauceant and the Daughters of the Nile.

The true Mystery religions of Babylon, Persia, Rome and Greece, centred around the sun and its energy. They were a form of nature worship, and had nothing whatsoever in common with the knights templar or modern day masonry.

Also, the symbols, the 'great lights' are sexual in nature. The square represents the female, passive generative principle, and the compass represents the male active generative principle. Reducing life to only base instincts has the opposite effect of enlightenment.

Masons invited into the higher degrees discover that the royal secret is 'harmony.' That’s it. Harmony between good and evil. Man is born of a double nature, spiritual and earthly, good and evil. The light is out there somewhere beyond the clouds obscured by mist.

It is also believed that the knights templar took their basic structure and tenets, degrees of initiation, such as grand masters, grand priors from the ruthless assassins, who were based in the Middle East. The word ‘assassins’ is derived from the word Hashishin, or hemp eaters, and it is said that this strict Muslim order were sent on their assassination missions high on cannabis.  

The knights of Malta are another 'knightly' order, of which the CIA director William Casey was a member, as was General Franco, the fascist dictator.

They are closely connected to the templar’s, and were originally called the knights hospitallers and then the knights of the holy sepulchre. They have also been called the knights of St John of Jerusalem, the knights of Cyprus, the knights of Rhodes and finally of Malta.

They wear black robes with a cowl (hood). Today they have diplomatic status with over eighty countries, and number around eleven thousand. They have permanent observer status at the U N, and have close links with the UK and America because of their strong protestant and anti catholic traditions. Membership is restricted to those who can trace a noble lineage.

The roots of the skull and bones society can be traced back to the opium trade, carried out by the British East India company, controlled in its early years by the now defunct Barings bank.

The New England family names connected with this satanic club include: Cabot, Coolidge, Lodge, Perkins, Russell, Taft, Whitney, Phelps, Adams, Rockefeller, Pillsbury and Davison.

Fifteen existing members engage in the 'tapping' of fifteen potential recruits. The three necessary attributes for membership are: Boarding school, outdoor pursuits such as hunting and war, and joining a military establishment such as the navy. The senior bonesmen bang on the recruits door, and say 'Skull and bones do you accept?' If he or she accepts, they are handed a scroll sealed with black wax and a ribbon, bearing a skull and crossbones image and the number 322.

This satanic theme is further developed in 'The lost keys of freemasonry,' by Manley Hall.

He describes the mason's power as follows. 'The great power.. is now a merciless slave driver which, unmastered and uncurbed, strikes the compassionate one (Jesus) and sends him reeling backward into the darkness of his prison.'

Also. 'The day has come when the fellow craftsmen must know and apply their knowledge that the lost key of their grade is the mastery of emotion, which places the energy of the universe at their disposal..

When the mason learns that the key to the warrior on the block is the proper applications of the dynamo of living power, he has learned the mystery of his craft.

The seething energies of lucifer are in his hands and before he may step onward and upward he must prove his ability to apply energy properly.'

It is quite clear that the masonic energy in question is satanic or demonic in nature. Low level, fear based energy that forces, controls, corrupts and destroys. The opposite of love. The fellow craft degree, he says, conceals the 'dynamo of life.'

The master masons’ ceremony describes the 'divine liberated from its cube.'

Cube? Since when has the soul, God or the universe ever been described as shaped like a cube?! It is circular, infinite and rounded, and certainly not cube shaped. Masons use the cube shape because it restricts, controls, limits and hems in. It imprisons.

Masonry does not represent, build on, or honour the ancient mysteries. It perverts them. There should be legislation introduced, termed, 'perverting the course of history.' Masonry would be guilty as charged.

Other links between masonry and the knights templar include a picture in Rosslyn chapel of a blindfold man, being lead with a cable tow around his neck.

Also, the royal arch degree of the knights templar order, reconstructs the templar excavations under the temple mount, and our natural conclusion is that the survivors of the French purge fled to Scotland where they integrated into, and then took over masonry.

Our conclusion re' the retail banking system is very straightforward. The banking system, started by the knights templar has an insidious hidden agenda, namely controlling people through debt. The same can be said about the computer industry. Bill Gates is a mason, and the degree of intrusive monitoring that is now possible through online activity is alarming.

Many people today, especially the younger generations appear to be controlled by their mobile phones, their email accounts, facebook and other online tools of control. The word ‘robotisation’ springs to mind.

It is said that communication can be described as follows: 75% body language (i.e. when you meet and assess someone through their posture etc), 20% tone of voice and only 5% what a person actually says. Online obsession reduces communication to just that 5% and would ultimately lead to a robotised human race if left unchecked.

Maybe that’s the aim of the tech’ industry, to make the brain essentially redundant and replace it with a circuit board. It is said that human beings use only a fraction of the brain’s true capacity. Under tech industry control, that percentage would no doubt decrease.

Note, we are not against computers and technology. There are some fantastic applications out there. But technology should always be a servant of the human race, not its master. There is also the truism, ‘Nature always wins’, and let’s be honest, there’s nothing natural about people whose lives are controlled by text messages, instant online messaging and facebook.

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